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School Leaders

Aidan Thomas

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY where I attended St. Ann’s School. After graduating High School in 2004, I attended Colgate University where I majored in Japanese but also pursued a minor in film (a passion of mine). After college, I simultaneously worked in film and spent evenings and weekends engaged in a local non-profit mentoring program. After finding that I enjoyed my work as a mentor more than my work in film, I transitioned to a teacher position with the after school program Citizen Schools from 2009-2011. I joined Uncommon Leadership Prep Bed-Stuy during the 2011-2012 school year as the founding 6th grade math teacher. In the years that followed, I was the 6th grade team lead, 8th grade math teacher, 8th grade team lead, and then Dean of Curriculum of Instruction. My favorite thing about working as an educator, and working at our school in particular, is seeing our students mature and grow as both scholars and educators at Leadership Prep Bed-Stuy Middle Academy. With our first group of students currently in college, I am eager for the August four years from now when I am sure we will welcome our first Leadership Prep Titan alumni to our teaching staff.


Lisa Chen
Director of Operations

I grew up in Orange County, CA and went to Cornell College for my undergraduate, where I triple-majored in politics, international relations, and women’s studies. During college, I completed an internship at the White House working on education legislation that completely altered my outlook on education and policy reform. Following the internship, I applied for Teach For America and spent two years teaching 6th grade English Language Arts and history at a district school in the South Bronx. Immediately following that experience, I went on to teach for two more years of 6th grade Math at Achievement First. After four years in the classroom, I had the opportunity to become an Assistant Principal with Success Academy, which was a great experience, but also made me realize that my passion for my work was rooted with running the operational aspects of a school rather than instruction. This brought me to Uncommon, where the network emphasized the dual leadership model between the Director of Operations and the Principal. Since joining LPBS last Spring, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with our staff and scholars to ensure that our school remains a joyful, safe, and rigorous environment for all.