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For Current Leadership Prep Families

If you are interested in becoming more involved at Leadership Prep, you are welcome to join Families for Achievement (FFA), an organization of current LPBS family members. Please visit the Main Office for a calendar of FFA Meetings and Events.

All families are encouraged to join us weekly at our Community Circle, which takes place on Fridays.

Classroom observations of your current LPBS scholar MUST be scheduled in advance with our Dean of Students. Please call (718) 636-0360 to schedule an appointment.

NCLB Parent Right to Know

As a Title I school under the No Child Left Behind Act, Leadership Prep Bed Stuy is required to share information on the qualifications of your child’s teacher. This Parent Right to Know information can be found here.

LPBS Family’s Commitment

  1. Timeliness/Attendance – I understand that every school day is important and that it is my responsibility to get my child to school every day on time (7:30 A.M.).  If my child takes the bus, I will make sure he or she is at the bus stop on time.  I will also never schedule family vacations or non-urgent doctor’s appointments during school time.   I will have my child cared for on Friday afternoons when they will be dismissed at 1:30PM so that their teachers can meet and plan for their education.
  2. Support & Homework – I will always help my child in the best way I know how, and I will do whatever it takes for my child to learn.  I will provide a quiet space for my child to study, and I will check my child’s homework every night.  If my child needs extra help to reach mastery and is required to attend tutoring, I will arrange for transportation home at 5:00 p.m.  If my child is required to attend Summer Academy, I will make any arrangements necessary so that he/she will be able to attend.
  3. Independent Reading – I will insist that my child reads for at least 20 minutes a night (including all three days of the weekend), and I will never sign the reading log unless I have personally seen my child read. 
  4. Communication – I will make myself available to my child and all of his/her teachers.  I will return phone calls from school staff within 24 hours.  If I am asked to attend a meeting regarding my child’s education or behavior, I will be there. I will read all updates and memos sent home by the school, and I will return all necessary information immediately.
  5. Uniform – I will send my child to school every day in the Leadership Prep uniform.  I understand that if my child is not in uniform, he or she may not be allowed in class and someone from my family will have to come to the school with the required items
  6. School Rules – I understand that Leadership Prep has high behavioral expectations, and I will make sure that my child learns to live up to them.  I understand that my child must follow these rules to protect the safety, interests, and rights of all individuals. I fully understand that Leadership Prep is a “sweat the small stuff” environment, and I also understand that my child may lose privileges or have other disciplinary consequences if my child violates the rules. I will support the school in its efforts to enforce high standards for behavior and citizenship.  If my child violates the rules as outlined in the Code of Conduct, my child will have disciplinary consequences. If my child’s behavior is severely disruptive, I will pick my child up from school immediately if asked to do so by an administrator. 
  7. Attendance at Parent Meetings: I will attend all required parent meetings, including pre-year Orientations and Report Card Nights during the school year.